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Electric Trolley Zip X5 MGI

1099.95 €

The MGI Zip X5 is the game changer. MGI Zip Series buggies are ideally suited to fit cart bags.

Make it a level playing field with the MGI Zip X5 with the ingenious advantage of Downhill Speed Control and an Electronic Park Brake.

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Trolley Blade IP Big Max

449.90 €

Winner of the Editor’s Choice Award 2018, 2019 and 2020

The BIG MAX Blade IP, in which the wheels are folded in fully automatically , can be dismantled or assembled in a few seconds.

With the patented flat fold technology from BIG MAX, the Blade IP can be stowed perfectly and safely in both the locker and the trunk.

The Quick-Fix and Quick-Lok attachments for practical accessories and a well thought-out organizer panel make the package perfect. The previous model, the BIG MAX Blade, received an award in the USA.

The Flat Fold System is so functional that its successor, the current Blade IP, also received an award. With the Editor’s Choice Award 2018, 2019 and 2020

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Trolley IQ+ Big Max

349.00 €

3-wheel trolley has never been more compact and easier to stow away. With a single movement of the hand, the space miracle can be shrunk into a tiny package and thus easily has space in any trunk.

Thanks to the newly redesigned panel, the IQ + offers even more practical features. In addition to 2 Quick-Fix bases for umbrella and GPS holders, the large panel also offers the option of accommodating 2 Quick-Lok accessories

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Trolley Junior Max 3W Big Max

149.00 €

The Junior Max 3W Trolley grows with the young golf professional over several years. This is made possible by the extendable telescopic pole.

Junior Max 3W – compact trolley for growing golf professionals
Thanks to the quick-release mechanism and the removable front wheel, the trolley can be folded up quickly and compactly.

The Junior Max 3W has a push-on and push-off brake function and an adjustable bag support.

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Trolley TI One Big Max

249.90 €

The successor to the legendary Ti 1000 can be set up in a flash and is particularly easy to push thanks to its straight axis construction .

The Ti ONE is particularly stable and durable and offers a guarantee of up to 5 years * .

The new premium organizer leaves nothing to be desired and provides you with sufficient storage space and organization – even for longer rounds.

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