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IQ2 Big Max Travel Bag

229.90 €

The IQ 2 travel cover has everything that a travelling golfer needs, and then it folds down to a remarkable size for storage. The ultra-compact foldable option certainly lives up to its clever name!

With 6 smooth-running wheels, the IQ 2 spares the back and saves strength with its upright loading and push mechanism, while internal bag fix and spacious shoe compartment add to the innovative practicality of this clever travelling companion.

Upon request you will receive your travelcover embroidered with your name for free.

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Transport Bag for Blade Big Max

49.90 €

Practical and ensures cleanliness – the carrying bag for BIG MAX trolleys
With the new handy carrying bag for BIG MAX trolleys, you can easily transport and pack your trolley. At the same time, the flight bag always keeps your car or locker tidy.

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Wheeler 3 Big Max Travel Bag

229.00 €

To make it easier for you to find your travel cover on the belt at the airport, BIG MAX has designed the WHEELER 3 to be fresh and colorful.

The innovative upright loading function allows upright loading without putting any strain on the back. Upon request, you can get your Travelcover WHEELER 3 embroidered with your name free of charge.

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