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Pack Spectra Two Balls-Tee Zero Friction

8.95 €

Iberian Peninsula and Balearic Islands: 48-72 hrs // Rest of Europe: 5-6 days // Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla: 10-15 days

Spectra Two Ball Tee packs provide the golfer with the two essential things each golfer needs on the course, tees and balls. These innovative packs include two (2) spectra matte finish golf balls and (18) matching neon colored ZFT Maxx tees all in one convenient blister pack.

Each blister pack includes:
Two (2) Spectra distance golf balls have a large, super-fast core providing explosive distance, high launch and longer roll off the tee.
2-piece construction 18 – 2 3/4″ 3 prong ZFT Maxx tees.
These tees offer the same great design, distance and performance as our original 3 and 4-prong tees with 66% reduced contact area but are extra-large, extra thick and extra durable.
Everything you need in one pack and in the COOLEST colors!

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